Our North Island Road Trip

We've finally made our way through the North Island and thought we'd do a roundup of everywhere we stayed and everything we saw, for anyone interested in traveling to New Zealand and for our own memories as well. We spent four months on the island, which was a nice leisurely pace that allowed us to... Continue Reading →


A Glimpse into Tiny House Living

Written by Insia. We briefly stayed in a tiny colonial-style cottage in the small town of Marton, New Zealand. Marton wasn't exactly on our road trip route, but I couldn't pass up an opportunity to experience tiny house living for myself after watching so many HGTV shows - Tiny House Hunters, Tiny Luxury, etc. This... Continue Reading →

Working on an Alpaca Farm

In New Zealand (and a few other countries) there is a platform called Helpx through which you can find work in exchange for meals and a place to stay. We had our first experience with it in Hawke's Bay at an alpaca farm and loved it so much, we felt we should write something about... Continue Reading →

Exploring Taupo, Supervolcano

written by insia. "You're going to Taupo this time of year? It's going to be soooo cold." - every New Zealander ever. Lake Taupo sits atop a supervolcano at the center of the North Island. It's New Zealand's largest lake by surface area, and has a circumference of 193km, which by our back-of-envelope calculations would... Continue Reading →

Exploring Rotorua, Geothermal Capital

written by Insia. We recently visited Rotorua in the Bay of Plenty. The very first thing you'll notice about Rotorua is the unique smell; since the area is rich in geothermal activity, certain parts of town give off a strong sulfurous odor (e.g. rotten eggs or other similarly unpleasant things). This takes a little getting... Continue Reading →

Discovering Hamilton

written by Insia We recently spent a week in the city of Hamilton, a short drive south from Auckland. Although it rained for most of our time there, we still found quite a few fun things to do. One of our favorite days was spent visiting the Zealong Tea Estate, a tea plantation which specializes... Continue Reading →


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